Monday, 24 November 2014

Dirty Hair, Don't Care.

Hello everyone! Now, it can't just be me that goes days on end without washing their hair, right..? I go about two to three days between washing my hair, as I refuse to wash my hair every day. Why you wonder? Well, washing your hair every day just washes/strips the natural oils out of your hair, so your hair will get more greasy faster! It's a pretty weird scenario - the more you wash your hair, the worse it gets and the more greasy it gets! To be honest I can't actually wash my hair daily anyway due to my sensitive scalp, but even if I had a 'normal' scalp I still wouldn't wash my hair daily. If you do though and it's working fine for you, go for it, I just know many people who get greasy hair so quickly and who have no natural oil in their hair due to washing their hair daily, and I've also read many articles that say washing your hair daily isn't necessary and sometimes does more harm than good.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to tell you what I sometimes do when I have super dirty hair (aka third day hair drowning in dry shampoo hair) and how I keep the grease away and also how I style it to minimise the look of dirty hair - I hope you enjoy reading! 

First off, dry shampoo is my baby when I have second or third day hair - it's my literal saviour. If you don't know what dry shampoo is, it's basically.. A dry version of shampoo, in very literal terms. It's usually a white powder that comes in a can and you shake the can up and spray it directly onto wherever you want to keep the grease away/wherever is greasy already. I usually spray mine in my roots and also just above the back of my neck underneath all my hair. Once you spray it on, you will look like you have grey hair - but don't panic! You can just rub/brush it in and voila, it is gone! The powder absorbs all the oils in your hair as you rub it in and you are left with hair that looks shiny and freshly washed, and ultimately, not greasy. I personally use the Batiste dry shampoo along with practically everyone else, it is the best in my opinion and it's super cheap - I'm pretty sure you can get it anywhere and everywhere too, which is always a plus.

Now, onto the hairstyle! I personally think this look would look great on everyone, it involves no heat and is super easy to do! It's basically all surrounding putting your hair in plaits. 

If you don't know how to do a plait, I'm going to try and explain it as best as I can.. So here goes nothing: take whatever bit of hair you want to put into a plait, whether it is all of your hair or just your fringe (like me in the pictures). With that bit of hair, divide it into 3 sections. Then, take the right section of your hair and take it over the middle section of hair so it's now in the middle (so now your original middle section is on the right) and then take the left section of hair and take that over into the middle, and then take the right section of hair and take it over into the middle and continue on until you get to the bottom of your hair, and secure it with a bobble! If you still don't get it, don't worry, YouTube taught me and I'll link you a video here!

Anyway, for me, the night before I put all my hair into one big plait down my back and slept with it in so when I woke up and took the plait out, I ended up with these nice thick curls! I then just took my 'fringe' (aka the bits of hair that kinda hang and shape my face) and plaited them both and secured them with a couple of curby grips in a X at the back of my head. For me, I feel this just gets the front bits of my hair out of my face as they are usually the bits that go greasy first, so with dry shampoo plus them being in a plait out my face, they are pretty much covered from going greasy!

So that's that - dirty hair, don't care. What do you do to keep the grease away, and what do you do to your hair when it's needing a wash? Let me know!

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Living In Black & White - FOTD & OOTD #14 - 25/09/14

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with an OOTD that I have been wearing so much recently - monochrome! Yes, I know, I've been all about the monochrome these past few months but these leggings just make my life at the moment. Also, I apologise for the crappy quality of these photos - I took them in a mad rush before I ran out the door to go out for the day, so yeah, I hope they are okay for you all!


Top: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Leggings: Topshop

I absolutely love this outfit - the black top with a mesh section from the bust up and a simple black cardigan go perfectly with these leggings, as they are subtle enough to make them stand out! The leggings are high waisted and feel like velvet and are just lovely. They are super comfortable and I really love that I can just fling on a white baggy t-shirt over them, not tucking them in or anything, and wear some boots or vans and I'm good to go! Any simplistic t-shirt/jumper would go with this, I'd stick to monochrome colours though, I feel wearing a red t-shirt for example with this would be a bit too much for me. Basically, they are so comfortable and stylish - what more do you want?

y so serious?

bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer
bareMinerals Original SPF15 Foundation in Fair
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
Urban Decay Naked Palette in Sin and Buck
L'oreal Superliner Black Lacquer
Lancome Definicils Mascara
Mac Peach Blossom Lipstick

Yet again, rocking the winged eyeliner to match this monochrome outfit! The flicks were real, like they are massive - probably slightly too big for my liking but I couldn't be bothered fixing them so they had to do! I just kept the rest of my make-up pretty simple and minimal, I think it was one of those "fling make-up on your face" days.. We all have them! 

So, that's about it for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading! What clothing piece are you loving at the moment? I'd love to know!

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Friday, 14 November 2014

A Day in Edinburgh - 12/09/14 - Snapshots Of My Life #2

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with another Snapshots Of My Life post, where I basically show you what I've been doing recently. Just over a month ago I went to Edinburgh with one of my friends to visit one of our other friends as she has just moved to Edinburgh for Uni and she was having a flat warming! During the day we all decided to have a wander around the city centre and I took some pictures on my iPhone, so I thought it'd be cool to show you as they came out pretty well!

After we got two trains and dropped off our stuff, we got the bus into the city centre and stumbled upon Princes Gardens (look below woo) which is just beautiful. Plus, it was a gorgeous day and there was not a cloud in the sky! Defo t-shirt weather, which in Scotland is like a tropical heat wave - every old man has their moobs out.

After walking through Princes Gardens we went to the Royal Mile (filled with tartan shops) and walked up to Edinburgh Castle, which was so expensive so we basically just went to the free bits and then left.. I'm a student okay!

This particular picture above reminds me so much of York, I love old buildings and cobbled streets. Fun fact.

Got ice-cream from that van. Vanilla. It was alright.

Just a heads up, I don't have a clue what that says..

That above is the Royal Mile, tartan shops galore.

No idea what this cathedral/church is called but it looked pretty and was vvv busy!

That church above, is the same church in the picture below! 

Can I just say this band were AMAZING. They did cool, unique twists to traditional Scottish songs and my friends and I were dancing along to it (Scottish country dancing of course!)

That building there is National Art Gallery of Scotland and we popped in for a little nosy, it was actually really interesting and quite hilarious.. My friend and I ended up in a presentation of some guy speaking about a vase and my friend said to me "Hannah, I have no idea what he is saying, what's he saying?" I was just like, "You do know he's speaking French, right?" *facepalm*

We then had dinner at an Italian, went back to my friends flat, got ready, about 30 people came round, played drinking games, listened to The Cha Cha Slide and The Macarena (both my choices) then went out to a club called Propaganda and stumbled on home at about 3am to have homemade chips and cheese. Brilliant.

This was taken at about 3am, the river did look super pretty with all the lights, however apparently my camera didn't want to focus.. Still looks kinda cool though!

And this is the same river in the morning, from the other side! It's so pretty.

The next morning we woke up, cleaned the flat and went for my first Nando's. I personally am not the biggest fan of chicken and they kinda screwed up my order so I was a bit meh, however I will at some point probably go back and try it again.

And then we all went home and lived happily ever after, the end. Just kidding! In all seriousness after this we said our goodbyes and got our 2 trains back home, to then go out again in 3 hours to a club in our home town for another friend's 21st. Exhausted wasn't even accurate, I just wanted to sleep for days after it all!

So I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I loved looking over the photos again and chuckling at the memories. I hope you guys enjoy these more personal posts as I really love writing them. What have you been up too recently?

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx
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