Monday, 1 September 2014

TKMaxx Mini Haul - Maybelline, Bourjois & Revlon!

Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd talk about some products I got at TKMaxx the other week - who knew they did cheap make-up?! Not me! So there I was, just having a nosy at the clutch bags when I spotted a little stand with elf, OPI, Nails Inc and more on it! AND at a discounted price! I mean, I couldn't not get myself something, let's be real. I also got my friends some make-up for their birthdays so technically I didn't just get stuff for myself.. So it's fine. It's fine. Kinda.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - £2.99

So I spotted this bad boy for £2.99 - can we just talk about how much of a bargain this is?! I literally know nothing about this mascara, I haven't read a single review on it and I've not even opened it as I'm saving it to try once my other mascara has went dry. To be honest, for just under £3 I don't care if it'll be bad as I just bought it on a whim. Have you tried it, and if so, what did you think? I'd love to know!

Revlon Cream Blush in 09 Rosy Glow - RRP £7.99, TKMaxx £3.99

Again, I spotted this bargain and thought it looked perfect for me. I'm not really a huge fan on blush, I don't even know how to properly apply it and to be honest, it kinda freaks me out - I have very chubby cheeks and I just have this image that blush will just make them look bigger than they already are (or something like that). However, recently I have decided to give blush a go and see if I like it or not and I thought this was a very natural colour. I've never tried a cream blush before so I don't know how to use it, I'm sure a YouTube tutorial will teach me though! Also, I love that it has a little mirror - super handy for on the go!

Bourjois Jet Set Red Lip & Nail Duo - RRP £18, TKMaxx £9.99

Now THIS was something that caught my eye immediately. I also got this for a friend as I think she will love it, red lips and nails are a common love we share. I've wanted to try out some Bourjois products for a while and when I saw that I was basically getting a nail polish free with this lipstick, I was sold! The nail polish is one of their So Laque! and is called Rouge Escarpin 24 and the Lipstick is one of the Rouge Edition lipsticks in 13 Rouge Jet Set. Red lips and nails are just my default when I'm unsure on what to put on (either lips or nails) so this is perfect! I've used the lipstick once and so far I'm really liking it - it's glossy, easy to apply and very red. I'll keep using it and I'm excited to try the nail polish so I'll let you know how I get on with it soon!

Revlon Blush in 09 Rosy Glow | Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 13 Rouge Jet Set

So that's about it for this post, hope you enjoyed ANOTHER haul - I promise that's the last haul for a while, I'm putting myself on a spending ban of make-up and stuff in general UNLESS I genuinely do need it (so if I run out of dry shampoo or something, I mean that is a life time essential product). Have you tried any of these products, did you like them? Let me know!

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Friday, 29 August 2014

Clothing Sale Haul - Topshop & Zara!

Hello everyone, today I'm here with another little haul (three hauls in a row, I need to contain myself. Seriously.) A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping in Glasgow and picked up a few things from Topshop and Zara in the sale so I thought I would show you!

I spotted these two necklaces when I was in the queue going to pay for another item I'll be talking about in a minute.. My boyfriend actually spotted the teal feather necklace and I spotted the red pirate/shark tooth necklace and I decided, why not get both? They both have the homemade look about them and have a kinda rustic/tribal vibe (can't believe I just said vibe) and I think they would look good with any casual outfit! One was actually £2 something and the other was £3 something as I got student discount and the tags were wrong, so it was a bargain.

First of all, this was not in the sale and was £10 from Zara. Second of all, did you notice it? Did you notice the typo with "COFFE"? I didn't, until I got home and showed my Mum and was suddenly horrified. We then decided, it MUST be deliberate, there's no way they could have accidentally made this t-shirt without realising. WELL. I went into several Zaras in my area, searched online for it and can't find it anywhere. So now I'm sitting here like oh my lord do I have a rare collectible type/error t-shirt from Zara?! Either way, I like the quote and the monochrome style of the t-shirt and think it'll be great to wear to my 9am lectures on Monday mornings. It will be very appropriate then!

Last but not least, I got this beauty from Topshop in the sale - down from £38 to £9 with student discount! SAY WHAT. I actually wore these out which you can see here. At first, I actually thought it was a skirt but I fell in love with it even more when I found out they were shorts. I just loved how bright they are and how baggy, flowy and pleated they are. They are also not too short being high waisted so they are comfortable to wear and you are not obsessing over whether your bum is hanging out or not (you can relate, don't lie) and I just think they are great for both day and night outfits.

So that's it! That was all I got from the sales this summer, not much but I hate rummaging through clothes a lot of the time so for me, this was pretty successful! Hope you enjoyed reading this post, did you pick anything up in the sales recently?

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Blue Grape - NOTD #12

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with a NOTD and it's a nail polish that I've wanted to try for a long time - the Barry M Gelly range! Out of the many colours, I chose Blue Grape as I don't have a colour like this in my collection, however there are so many pretty colours to choose from.

The whole point of this formula is it is meant to be "gel-like", very pigmented and super shiny and glossy, which I must admit it is. For me, it was nearly opaque in one coat but I decided to go for two, which is impressive considering that for some Topshop nail polishes, you have to do at least 3 coats for it to be opaque.

When on, the polish and colour is extremely vibrant and super glossy, which for me is a bonus as I love shiny nails. However, I was really let down with the lasting power of this polish. It says that it is a "chip resistant formula" however for me that just wasn't the case. I don't know if I got a dodgy one or if my base/top coat don't go well with this polish (let me know what one you use!), but it just didn't last on me at all. I've seen so many reviews of this polish (not this exact one, just the Gelly range in general) saying how well it lasted and how it lasted for a week without chips.

For me, that was not the case. Not even a day after applying this nail polish I had chips on 3 of my fingers, and not just tiny chips, I mean big chunks had came off. So, I reapplied as I just thought maybe I had applied it wrong or something.. But the next day, honestly, nearly all of my nails had big chips in them and I didn't even do a lot and had just applied it as normal, so I ended up just taking it off after 3 days of wearing it. I'm really disappointed with the lasting power but again, I am really unsure why on me it didn't last but on so many other people it did, as I have genuinely seen dozens of brilliant reviews over them and their lasting power. 

Saying that, the shade range is brilliant, there are so many colours to choose from and it really is opaque in one coat (almost for me, but it was close) and it is so shiny, just for me it didn't last long. I will try again though, it could have been a fluke!

So, that's about it for this post, thank you for reading. What are your views on the Gelly range, have you tried it, and what did you think of it if you did?

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

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